Tissue dispensing robot on the prowl in Japan

tissue-robotWe all know that the Japanese are pretty big on robots, judging by the number of cartoons that feature them as well as the advances achieved in the field of robotics back in the Land of the Rising Sun. InterRobot Inc. is a robot development and rental company that has successfully created the Mospeng-kun robot. No, the Mospeng-kun does not go around killing people or acting as a security guard, but it dispenses tissue instead to those who are in need. Whenever the Mospeng-kun detects a person nearby, it will emit onegai shimasu in a high-pitched voice, offering a pack of tissues. When the human takes the pack of tissues from its hand, it will automatically thank the customer with a greeting of arigato gozaimashita while replenishing its tissue pack from a built-in cartridge.

Companies and individuals can rent the Mospeng-kun for five days after paying a 100,000 yen fee ($835). While this is exorbitant when compared to hiring a few human hands, it will definitely raise your company's profile on a showfloor. You just got to love the constant smile on its face/monitor, something which cannot be said about humans in the service industry.

Source: Pink Tentacle

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