Giga Ball for hyperactive kids

giga-ballI don't know about you, but kids these days tend to have way too much energy for their own good. I suppose that could be pinned down by an unhealthy diet that most of them indulge in these days, and if you live in a cramped up apartment, things get even worse with a hyperactive child around. They run around all 800 square feet of space, creating imaginary forts out of your carefully arranged dining chairs, jumping over sofas to hide from one another, and even kicking a football around that places your favorite potted plant's life in danger. The inflatable Giga Ball is one purchase that will give your kids a safe way of venting all that energy without turning your home into a mess.

Made from heavy-gauge vinyl, the Giga Ball can be inflated to a 7' diameter. Features include peek-a-boo windows and air pillows that are thick enough to protect the apple of your eye within. It is best to use the Giga Ball in a wide open space such as parks and the like, as your kids will now be able to bounce and roll about safely. Suitable for those aged four years and above, the Giga Ball retails for $200.

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  1. Gizmodo 14 March, 2007 at 05:56

    84″ Giga Ball: Will be at Google HQ by the End of the Year

    If this is for kids aged 4 and upwards, then I’m a banana with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. This 7-foot version of the Giga Ball is aimed at adults, no shit. I have seen the future and it is…

  2. Thoughts from the Sidelines 14 March, 2007 at 04:20

    Exercise Your Children in an Giga Ball

    The Giga Ball is like a giant hamster wheel for children. Simply pop your children inside the inflated ball and let them wreak havoc as you put your feet up safe in the knowledge that they are protected by a cushion of air.

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