Bye Bye Piggy

Haven't you heard? Piggy banks are out! With this digital age it is only expected to digitize everything. Bank accounts are available online for years now, so why not remind ourselves to take the "piggy" to the bank with a "keyboard key savings...", ok so what does one call this? Officially they are called "keyboard money boxes", but I think they could have gone for something a bit more creativKeyboardmoneyboxe.

Nevertheless, it's a fun way to save if you are into computers. And really... who isn't?

The cute thing about these money boxes is the fact that you can get them in the pound currency key, or the “save” key. How’s that for a reminder to put away your cash! I still have a piggy on my desk, but I recently appear to have lost the key so perhaps I will soon hit the “save” key to stash my coffee money.

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