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How Has Tech Advanced Cosmetic Surgery?

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, technology can be described as being monumental when it comes to providing us with the tools to provide excellent results. The last 25 years has seen a massive shift when it comes to better understanding how the body works and, in turn, how the tools and medicines we use work too. We now have so many more procedures we are able to carry out when it comes to reconstructive surgery from facial reconstruction through invasive methods such as breast enlargement to treatments such as skin peels that are non- invasive and offer affordable face rejuvenation.

In the future we are sure to witness further advances in technology when it comes to tissue engineering to gene therapy. If you consider how far we have come in the last few years it does truly suggest that the sky is the limit when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Here is a look at some of the ways in which we are benefitting from advancements in cosmetic surgery today…

The healing process

In the past, wound healing used to be broken down into three phases; inflammation, proliferation and remodelling. Today research and technology has meant that we see the process differently and see the steps break down to be more fluid and in depth. We have managed to develop new interventions that have meant that the wound healing process has sped up and meant that recovery time is far quicker and more comfortable.  The advancements made thus far are sure to pave the way for even more improvements that will reduce infections, scarring and the amount of time your skin takes to heal.

Improved implant materials


The materials that surgeons use to alter the appearance of your bodies and those materials that are inserted into the body have undergone a massive makeover. Today implants are also far more carefully tested and must meet stricter guidelines and regulations before they can be considered fit for use. Certain materials that are used to mimic bones are now developed for a wider array of uses, which only benefits those who are receiving surgery for cosmetic process or otherwise.

Less invasive treatments

The use of endoscopy to perform previously invasive procedures in a far less invasive way is a growing trend among many cosmetic surgeons. The less invasive the process the less threat there is of infections and scarring and it also means that the amount of time it takes to heal the skin is reduced. Seeing the results more quickly as a result of a less invasive procedure makes people with a lower pain threshold more likely to seek treatment, which means more numbers of people are able to receive cosmetic procedures such as buttock lifts and brow lifts.

Computer imaging systems

When it comes to tech that has benefitted the cosmetic industry, the advancement of computer assisted imagery cannot be ignored. It allows both surgeons and their customers to look at how bodies change with surgery and this has allowed more complex procedures to be carried out as surgeons are able to prepare and plant their surgery.