Stealth Switch

We've all experienced that moment at work when you're surfing the web reading about the latest celebrity gossip or even bidding on that must have item on Ebay when your boss suddenly appears and wants to know what you're doing. You quickly close your browser but it's too late! The quick window shuffle and the clickclickclick of your mouse as you fumble around to try and close your windows is a dead giveaway. An easy solution to this dilemna...

The Stealth Switch

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This little gadget is placed under the desk with easy access for your foot. With a tap of your toe, you can quickly hide any applications you don't want a passerby to see. Seems like it has a lot of options for you to choose from:

    • instantly hide the current window
    • hide all open windows
    • hide certain windows only
    • mute sound

Surf on worker bee!

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