Contact Mat alerts you of visitors

contactmatComplete the Bellman paging system with this Bellman Contact Mat to adorn your home. You know how hard it already is for a housewife to keep track of all the chores at home, let alone cast an eye on the toddler (or even worse, more than one) who is constantly roaming about trying to cause a ruckus. Who knows, your cute little angel might accidentally wander out from the home due to your carelessness in leaving the door unlocked? With the Bellman Contact Mat, you won't have that problem since it is capable of alerting you the moment someone enters or leaves the room once pressure on the mat has been detected.

Unfortunately, this is not a standalone device as it must be hooked up to the rest of the Bellman paging system and requires it's own telephone transmitter to operate. Homes with a hearing-impaired person can also install this so that visitors won't be left standing at the door pressing the buzzer all the time. You can pick up the Bellman Contact Mat for £31.90 including taxes.

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