Dog's eye view of the world


Have you ever wondered what does your four-legged canine friend see whenever it roams around the neighborhood? Short of going for a walk with it, you will never find out. Takara Tomy of Japan decided to do something about the situation by presenting dog lovers worldwide with the Wonderful Shot Dog Camera. Before you get started, make sure you secure this 3.5 megapixel camera around your pooch's neck and let it rip. Walking the dog will never be the same experience again, as this unique camera features 8MB of storage space which is enough to carry up to 90 photos.

You can manually capture photos from it's point of view thanks to an included remote control, but those who prefer to let Lassie roam around and do his thing can always set the Wonderful Shot Dog Camera to automatic, where a snapshot will be taken every minute. Once home, just remove this camera and hook it up to a computer in order to view the day's outing, your pooch's favorite spot, and his homies. You can import one today for $51.

via Ubergizmo via Plastic Bamboo

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  1. Geek Chic 9 March, 2007 at 05:26

    Wonderful Shot Dog Camera

    Takara Tomy, projetou a Wonderful Shot Dog Camera, você só necessita prender a câmera de 3.5 megapixel ao redor do pescoço do seu cachorro. A câmera possui 8MB que é suficiente para carregar até 90 fotos. Você pode manualmente…

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