Even the Slightest Touch Helps

Valentine's Day might be over, but it is never a sin to purchase a gift for your significant other even on non-occasions, what more one that will bring some much needed spice to the bedroom. The Slightest Touch is one unique device that aims to rev up your partner's libido using the power of electricity. I am sure that most Casanovas have done plenty of reading on how to turn a woman on (the answer doesn't lie in looks and money) as well as all of her sensitive spots, but the ankles?!?

As with any sexually active couple will tell you, there is this thing called the arousal gap where a normal, healthy male takes a much faster time getting on with the action compared to the woman. Reasons for the female's delay are many, and it will take quite some time to figure out the exact conditions. It could be there isn't any 'connection' yet, or the simple fact that the entire environment is just not right. Most of it are actually cerebral, and this is where the Slightest Touch device comes in.

All you need to do is to place the two fabric backed electrodes on the ankles of your lady love (just above the ankle bone would do very nicely) and turn it on. The Ssi06electrical unit will quickly get down to its work, sending electrical signals through the nerve pathways in the legs up to the sexual nerve centers in the pelvic region. The frequencies of this tingling and pulsing electricity actually resembles the electrical signals that the body utilizes in order to send messages of sexual arousal to a woman's pelvic region. This means you will never end up with the messy "too much, too soon, too hard, or too fast" problem.

Once you have the Slightest Touch do the initial work for you, the man can then play his part. Hopefully this device doesn't make the male partner lazy in the long run - imagine the female getting all amorous only to be tossed the Slightest Touch, followed by the standard reply "Call me when you're ready." That would definitely be a major turn off for anybody. The Slightest Touch retails for $139.95.

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  1. Gary 31 August, 2007 at 06:36

    I have two of them, I think they are great! It’s a very unique gadget, but it brings out some of the most amazing sex.

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