Dress up your computer monitors

pj-mac-screenWe all know how playing with dolls is a favorite past time for many in their younger days, but what happens when little girls grow up and enter the workforce? Computers aren't exactly the sexiest things on earth (although owners of Apple computers might beg to differ), but that isn't reason enough to leave them unattended in the world of fashion. Tucano has made available a couple of Pyjama-style screen protective covers that help prevent dust, mothballs, and other undesirable elements and pests from crawling all over your beloved computer monitor at night.

You can pick up these jammies that fit 17" screens perfectly (LCD only, thank you very much) for both the Mac and the PC that retail for £9.99 and £18.99 respectively. Strange how the Mac version costs substantially less than the PC version considering they're both the same size, and the Mac version comes with the added advantage of a cute shirt pocket that actually holds your mouse within when it is not in use.

Product Page via Ubergizmo

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