Cellphone Ankle Strap

Cell_phone_ankle_strap_1Cell phones are really making a fashion statement nowadays. The more unique your cell phone is, the better. Anyway, this CPC strap will not only make you look cool, it will "freeze" your look on people's minds. It features Jewelry Strap Loop Attachments that will allow you to endlessly customize your look. Just attach beads and charms to match your shoes, and strap the phone on your ankle for maximum attention. Any of you ladies digging this look?

HTL-Wireless  [Gizmodo]


  1. Meg 24 February, 2007 at 20:58

    I’m not sure I’m digging the look with bared ankles, but I think it would be worth trying in order to hide my phone under some flared or bootcut jeans.

  2. Betty Nicole 23 February, 2007 at 08:59

    “Any of you ladies digging this look?”

    Uh. No. It reminds me of that bracelet Michelle Rodriguez was seen wearing just recently as part of her probataion… teehee

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