Turn Up The Heat!

Lasertherm Recently we had guests over for my son’s birthday, treating them to some southern fried fish. Watching a group of males walking suspiciously around the yard I followed to see what had caught their attention. My husband, the tool collector, was showing off his latest infrared thermometer, determining the temp of every surface, object, and animal that the red light would catch as others pointed to the next object up for analysis. I couldn’t image how that could be useful to anyone (if there’s steam coming off of it, you don’t touch it!).  However, as he began to cook I noticed that he was using it to regulate the temperature of the cooking oil. No more sacrificial French fries or big glass thermometers. I found a cooking version of this item at www.chefscatalog.com for 49.95 (listed as laser thermometer).  It has a digital readout with ½ second response time.  With this handy item you can regulate your cooking surfaces or test the food you ordered to make sure it hasn’t been sitting under the red light too long!  Now if I can only find one in pink…

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  1. Fresqui.com 4 March, 2007 at 04:40

    Termómetro que mide la temperatura a distancia

    Si ideal para cocinar, o saber si el motor del auto esta caliente… jaja. Se apunta un objetivo a medir, se marca con una luz roja y se inicia la medición en el aparato. Tras unos segundos, éste nos mostrará el resultado. Permite un rango entre -55 y

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