Nothing Special about the Nokia 7373

An updated Nokia 7373 from the L'Amour collection is about to sashay it's way into Paris Fashion Week thanks to designer Giambattista Valli who added his "special" touch to the phone. I don't see anything different from previous Nokia 7373 models except the additional details like a skull head with diamond eyes, a pearl wrist strap, and a gros grain strap and pouch on the black version. That's it! He should've redesigned this "Special Edition" phone instead of just adding a few accessories, and ringtones to make it his own. Maybe true fashionistas can appreciate the details more than I can, but this phone looks like the not-so-special phone.   Giambata



  1. Rubii 17 March, 2007 at 21:49

    this is a really good mobile phone..i was wandering how to get one. could you please email me. thanks….mabye if i give you some money then you could send me one.thanks plz get back to me.
    Ruby xoxoxox

  2. Jinxy 2 March, 2007 at 11:05

    I like it! Where can I buy one? I’ve looked on ebay but i dont think those come with the pearl wrist strap or skull. Someone please let me know! Thanx!

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