Kohler Fountainhead VibrAcoustic Bath

Taking a bath is something soothing and relaxing, and it is something worth looking forward to each day after long hours at the office. With the Kohler Fountainhead VibrAcoustic Bath, you can now relax in style. It relies on the principles of sound waves that vibrate through the water, boasting choreographed music and LED lighting to help you soothe away the day's stress. Of course, you can also get the water to the perfect temperature of your choice to complete the rejuvenating experience. There is an integrated control panel (which is waterproof, of course) located at the side of the tub for the lazy, and you can choose from a quartet of music programs while you drift off to slumberland. The only drawback for the Kohler Fountainhead VibrAcoustic Bath is the $9,000 price tag and finding enough space in your apartment to store this.

Source: Luxury Launches

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