Wii and Recharging

If you already own a Nintendo Wii or if you're sure you are going to be the winner of our BIG TechieDiva.com Wii giveaway, then you'll LOVE this new gadget.

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Thanko in Japan normally focuses on USB gadgets and now they have a USB remote control charger for the Nintendo Wii.  The charger comes with a USB cradle and also a Wiimote battery cover that also has a special nickel battery attached. 

Simply switch the Wiimote battery cover with this cover and with the special cover having contact terminals at the back, similar to a cordless phone, you won't lose any personalized settings to reset each time you connect.

According to reports, batteries charge completely in 3.5 hours and provide up to 25 hours of gameplay.  This works with a PC or a MAC and has cool blue LED lights to indicate charging times.  Also reported, the new battery is much lighter compared to 2 AA batteries.  This is on sale in Japan, selling a set of two for around $53 and one single unit for only around $30.

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