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Tips and Tricks to Online Gaming

One of the main benefits to playing at online casinos are the hundreds upon hundreds of casino bonuses on the internet. Almost every online casino has some sort of welcome bonus to help try and persuade customers to sign up and use their website rather than that of their competitors.

With a little bit of knowledge, all of the available casino bonuses can be converted into withdrawable cash. First, to be able to take full advantage of these offers, you have to understand how they work.

Tips for the New Players

For beginner players with a restricted amount of cash or who are playing recreationally without betting huge amounts of money, the best strategy is to focus on casinos that offer first-deposit bonuses. These give you the chance to win cash with little to no investment. Almost all online casinos including NetBet Online Casino offers welcome bonuses, which is usually the best offer with the highest bonus to deposit ratio.

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Free spins are offered more and more in addition to the welcome bonus so that players have the chance to try the most popular casino games before having to make a deposit. Another favorite of new players is the no deposit bonus, which is actually free cash given to you immediately after signing up. You just need to keep in mind that you should compare this to being in a real casino and receiving free play. This isn't money that you can just withdraw and pocket. One common misconception is what I just explained but what need's to happen is that the money has to be wagered. If a casino gave you two hundred dollars in free slot play then you would have to make two hundred dollars worth of bets in order to withdraw it.

For intermediate players who are no longer new to the online casino world, it’s worth taking advantage of bonuses such as the deposit/reload bonus where the casino gives you a certain amount of cash for making a deposit. Or you can begin collecting comp points once you start becoming a more experienced player. Daily deals are another type of bonus offered by more and more online casinos. These promotions change every day and offer you new opportunities depending on the date. A quick tip is to check online to see if there are any special codes that would give a greater bang for your buck when it comes to depositing money.


When it comes to depositing money almost all online casinos are now accepting bitcoin. It is accually fairly easy and quicker than any other option when it comes to withdrawing and depositing your money. Just keep in mind that unless you already have money in your bitcoin wallet than it can take an average of three days for it to go from your bank account to the actual bitcoin virtual wallet. Somes thing's that you will need to get are the destination address which should be provided when the bitcoin selection is given.  Make sure the label is chosen so the transaction can be tracked and the value of it is always fluctuating so the amount needed may be less or more depending on how the market is that day.

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When it comes to online poker there is just so much money out there to win. Whether you are playing high stakes or low stakes as long as the hours are put in anyone can become a winning player. It is the one sport in the world where the average person can play with a pro and actually have a chance of winning. Ofcourse the higher the stakes the harder the game is so the strategy has to change as the stakes go up. It is much harder to try and bluff someone out of a two dollar pot compared to a three thousand dollar pot. Over the years online poker has evolved and many people now use software to keep track of the statistics of the way you play, so you should also do some research on the software that you should probably use.

Casino's have to make money too when it comes to poker so pay attention to the amount of rake they are taking. The rake usually depends on the stakes that are played and there is usually a max amount of rake that is taken out of each pot. Some casinos offer a rake back which is basically when you get a percentage of the money that you have given them. For the people that may do this for a living this is a huge deal.

Expert Players

And for the expert players, dealing with small offers and bonuses is most likely a waste of time. They are going to be more interested in high roller bonuses, VIP clubs, raffles or even referral bonuses.

When it comes to expert gamblers it seems that the choice in games played is almost set in stone. The top game played is baccarat since it gives the largest edge against the house. The reason for this is because if you bet on banker than you are basically pretending you are the house. The casinos are not dumb so in return they take a small commission if you bet banker but no commission if you do player. The second most popular game is blackjack. Blackjack once mastered can turn out to be fairly profitable. There are so many strategies out there developed from longtime players or even supercomputers that can run millions of hands within seconds.

Converting Casino Bonuses

The hardest part of all this may be finding the best converting casino bonuses that are out there. There are several ways to go about doing this. You can search through and contribute to online forums, talking with generally unbiased players who are in the same situation as you. Or you can look through the terms and conditions of each online casino manually (supposing you have the time and the ability to do so), or you can pay for a service to do the searching for you.

However you decide to go about doing it, bonuses are without a doubt one of the biggest perks to gambling on the internet at online casinos.