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Griffin Reflect Case

If you're looking for a case that will protect your precious iPod, without hiding its good looks, the Griffin Reflect Case might be the thing for you. It might even add to your iPod's good looks.

Griffin also has case models available for the video iPod, the second generation iPod nano and the Sandisk Sansa. The protective cases are made from a hardened plastic, with a mirrored chrome finish, that though they resemble the shiny back of the ipod won't scratch like it. The case also sports a rubberized back which gives it more points in the durability department.

Adding to the "good looks" of your player, when the backlight of your display is off, it gives the appearance that the screen has disappeared. The cases retail for $24.99, which isn't too bad of a price to be able to protect your baby and look good while doing it.


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