Jawbone Video Review

Remember that sexy Jawbone headset making the rounds on the blogosphere? Ricky Montalvo did a quick video review to tell you the good and the bad about this fab headset.

Everyone's taking notice of the new Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset designed by Yves Behar, designer of the infamous XO laptop for the One Laptop Per Child program, and for good reasons.

What's so appealing about this particular headset, aside from its sexy looks, is the military-grade noise canceling technology that adjusts your call's volume after measuring ambient noise around you. This means you're able to hear those phone conversations over loud traffic, and your party is able to hear you once the smart headset filters out excessive background noise. The perforated metal design looks like it would be cold against your skin, but you have nothing to worry about since the inside surface is made from medical-grade plastic for a smooth, warm feel against your face. Eyeglass wearers can detach the ear loop for a comfortable fit, which is a plus in my book. Look for it at your local Cingular store for about $120. (Yahoo! Tech)

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