Ipod Cozy Tutorials

Ok, so you've gotten your iPod for christmas or vdays and now you're looking for something cute to carry it in. What better way to keep your iPod protected and stylin' than with your own homemade iPod cozy! I've collected a list of the cutest ones you can make yourself, some of which even the crafty newbie can handle.

Felt iPod Cozy - This one is not that hard and doesn't even require a sewing machine. If you don't know how to hand-sew, I guarantee you can learn in just a few minutes. Check out this easy tutorial on how to hand sew felt. I love this one because it's simple and easy to make personal. You can add hearts, stars, or whatever suits you!

finished ipod

Domokun Ipod Case - This tutorial is so cute, I'm surprised someone hasn't made the real thing to sell! In case you don't know who Domokun is, he's a famous Japanese character made famous by this picture.


Also, check out this other great ipod cozy if you're handy with the sewing machine.

And lastly, if you're not into sewing, but you love to knit. Try this tutorial for a super unique SquiPod Cozy.


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