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The new Abacus MobileWear Bluetooth watch, by Fossil, is being pre-sold at the main website and they say it will be available by mid-October (it's about that time now). 

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Both analog and digital, this watch has Bluetooth technology built in.  Some of the features are notification when your cellphone rings, a caller ID display on the watch, the ability to mute or reject calls via the watch controls and water resistance to 3 meters. 

The idea is that you can keep your phone safely tucked away in a purse or backpack and still have the use of the watch...knowing who's calling and when.  This watch is compatible with the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth wireless technology enabled mobile phone.

Maybe these will sell in bulk and when I'm in a restaurant I won't hear the lovely tones of ringing phones.

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  1. maher 31 March, 2007 at 10:41

    hi my name maher and i have to ask about that bluetooth watch if the caller id could conncat with bluetooth handsfree cause my car has handfree with no caller id

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