Cellphone, Pure Bliss

While many are awaiting a cellphone by Apple with sleek lines and perfection, this company has come out with one that competes for that coveted comparison.  Bang & Olufsen, maker of more expensive, stylish stereos and cordless phones, with the inner-workings from Samsung (one of my favorites), has come out with the "Serene".

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Yes, the name even implies that you will love it and be completely content with the phone.  With features like a screen on the bottom and keypad on the top (claims are that you will smudge the screen less with this design) and a swivel action so that you can text easier.

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The number buttons are arranged in a circle so for touch dialing you'd have to do some training, but this adds to the sleek better-than-everyone-elses type cell phone many are on the search for.

The neatest feature for gadget freaks is the power-assisted clamshell.  That's right, you just nudge the layer and it slowly opens like a dream with its tiny internal motor.  Is this needed?  Probably not, you could open the phone manually but why not have something impressive?

It even has an "intuitive wheel" much like the iPod for selecting menu options.

And for the price of $1,275 you better have some individuality in design.

Serene Mobile

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