Staying Safe Online

From the editor's desk:

Hey there, every once in a while, I like to post articles that I'm writing over at YahooGina2 Tech, in case you missed them. This week, I'm on a online safety kick, so I've been writing some field guides for ya on phishing, phone privacy, MySpace tips, and other tech tips to keep you safe while you surf the web. You'll be surprised at the kind of stuff that is out there, like did you hear about the jilted girlfriend who hired a hitman to kill her rival, and got all her info from MySpace? Or that phishing scams  have now evolved to phone calls? Yeah, it's scary. We love being on the cutting edge of technology, but we also need to protect what we've worked so hard for. Check them out, and if you have some suggestions, questions, or need more information on a particular topic, shoot me an email at techiedivas at yahoo dot com, or go to this form

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