Snooping Stick

Sskey300 We all get a bit paranoid when we read about devices that could monitor our system. The SnoopStick flash drive claims to be easily installed on any computer in less than 60 seconds to monitor IM conversations, or sites visited in real-time with no signs that your surfing habits are being watched. The USB key attaches to your keychain, ready to be plugged in anywhere. If you catch your teens or employees surfing when they're not supposed to, you can send them a message alert to tell them they're busted and even shut down their Internet access. Talk about running a tight ship.

Monitor both sides of IM conversations in real time or tell SnoopStick to display recent activity. Check the sender and recipient of every email sent or received. You can even log the user off, disable internet access, set time restrictions or even turn the computer off. All using your SnoopStick from any computer.


  1. SCI FI Tech 26 February, 2007 at 09:15

    SnoopStick, for sneaky parents and other spies

    Those evildoers who create spyware have apparently found legitimate employment at Solid Oak Software, making the SnoopStick, a USB flash drive that lets you spy on unsuspecting PC users by…

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