SL100 Stiletto

Open the doors to almost completely portable satellite radio.  The SL100 Stiletto has finally freed you from the bonds of having a docking station to listen to music.  With 100 hours (2MB) of storage, this revolutionary gadget is truly portable, unlike its previous models.

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It has a built in antenna in the included headset that can receive Sirius satellite radio without the docking stations all the others (like the S50) require.  At home, in the car, on can use the SL100 anywhere within the range of a of an accessible WiFi network.

Included in the packaging is a USB cable, full color screen that shows the channel name and number, artist, song title and file names, standard battery, slim battery, 30 channel presets and much more.  Visit this site to read more about the SL100 and portability options.

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