Solar Swimsuit to power gizmos

truimph-solar-bikiniTruimph International has collaborated with Conergy to create the innovative Solar Swimsuit, enabling women who are out to get a tan in the future to keep their gadgets and gizmos charged. Of course, while this would mean exposing precious devices such as the cellphone and iPod to the hot sun, at least you get to keep them juiced and ready to function at your beck and call. Of course, the Solar Swimsuit won't be able to do enough to store enough energy to power something energy intensive such as a laptop.

What do you think of this development? I personally think that having water and electronics meet is pure folly since both of them aren't exactly on talking terms. Still, it would be a good time for iPod and cellphone accessory manufacturers to take advantage of the situation by coming up with a range of waterproof accessories just in case the Solar Swimsuit makes it big this summer.

Source: Swindon Advertiser

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