Lanyards and Bracelets that Save

Saving information in this day and age is important.  There have been many modifications to jumpdrives and USB flash drives and the more compact the better.  The USB Flashband is quite similar to the previously released Imation version.

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Duck Design offers 128MB - 2GB ranges for this item and you can choose a lanyard style necklace or a bracelet.  Recommended for promotional ideas, gift bags or attach to a child's wrist with emergency information attached. 

The bracelet features a soft PVC molding, protecting the drive from accidental damage or data loss and still stay comfortable for wrist wearing.  The lanyard has a hangtag, comes in velvet pouch and can be customized with a company logo or message.

Five different colors and 6 different storage sizes, varying with each model, gives the impression that you have many choices to make when purchasing this gadget.  But, who doesn't want some extra storage they can hang around their neck or wear on their wrist?


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