Juicy Couture Cellphone Stuff

It's been a long while, since I posted girly stuff like Juicy Couture velour cellphone cases, JC quilted leather cases, or Kate Spade lanyards. Neiman Marcus has some really cool phone charms like this charm lanyard you can use as a bracelet to hold you phone.  The charms and chain are 14k yellow gold-plated, and include Juicy logos like the "J", the Scottie, crown and others cool little charms. It will cost you around $45, which is not bad for anything Juicy. You can find a Juicy tee more expensive than that. After doing some shopping, I also came across this adorable Hello Kitty dog t-shirt with crystals, and other very cool, but very expensive Hello Kitty stuff.Nmd3978_mpNmk5250_mp


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