A Ring for Singles

210789743 3d0542d93c oAre you looking for a way to advertise that you are looking? Sure, not wearing a wedding ring is one way to tell people that you are not taken, but what if you could make a bigger statement? The Singelringen is a band of azure acrylic that is melded to a weighty silver ring which shines through a distinctive crescent cut into the acrylic. Each ring has a unique code which allows you to register online and communicate with the Singelringen community. You may be thinking that this is a fad, but the Singelringen-wearing community is currently growing at a rate of around 4,000 per month and there are 20,000 wearers in 17 countries worldwide. Celebrities are even getting into the act. For about $57, you can let everyone at the club know that you are single, or you can just put a personal ad in the paper.
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  1. sara555 24 September, 2006 at 09:01

    I would disagree that Singelringen is for “advertising you are looking”. Singelringen is about being happy about being single. We prefer not to compromise and not to settle just to be in a committed relationship. We are not desperate. We don’t need to be. We are satisfied with life just as it is.
    We have learned to confidently and politely turn down men (or women) that we are not interested in.

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