Widex hearing aid costs a bomb

widex-gold-hearing-aidWhat you see here is no iPod clone - instead it is way too unrefined in design to come out of Cupertino. The device in question is actually a hearing aid that takes the opposite route of conventional hearing aids. Instead of being as discreet as possible, this hearing aid from Widex practically shouts to announce its existence by virtue of being plated in 24-karat gold complete with 220 embedded diamonds for that regal touch. The price will definitely put it out of reach of most, considering nobody I know in their right mind would fork out $50,000 for such a device.

These are diamonds we're talking about here and not the usual plastering of Swarovski crystals that attempt to look elegant. It even comes with a wireless remote that is also plated in gold and studded with diamonds, hence adding on the to the final price. I must admit, I thought this was a Bluetooth headset at first glance, and most people will probably associate it as that as well.

Source: SCF FI Tech

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