Cruzer Micro & Titanium USB Flash Drives

314094462 3e4f8e7a2f mWith the ability to run programs directly from your USB flash drive, the Cruzer Micro and Titanium USB Flash Drives have more gusto than your typical flash drive option.  The Titanium is recorded to have up to 15MB per second speeds and with that, you can't go wrong.  Featuring embedded software on both drive options, this enables you to run programs that you load onto the drives. 

A list of a few of the U3-compatible programs:

  • Winamp
  • ThinkFree Office, Portable Edition
  • Shutterfly Studio
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (one of my favorites!)
  • Firefox Browser
  • Skype
  • Trillian
  • Filezilla
  • myPodder

And those are apparently just a few of the featured programs that will work on these drives.  Not only do you gain capabilities but you also get features that increase productivity.  Also, the drives come with pre-bundled software including Skype and a protective anti-virus that will keep the drive protected as you use it.

The Titanium comes in a 1GB to 2GB size while the Cruzer Micro comes in a 512MB to 4GB ranges.  Price ranges from $34.99 to $179.99 and you can view product specification and order the drives on the SanDisk site. 

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