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According to Gadget Candy, Jabra recently conducted a survey which revealed thatWoman lo res today's modernized gals aged between 20s-30s carry twice as much in their handbags compared to women from their Mother's generation. This explains the oversized handbags. Before iPods, PSP, and cell phones, women only carried keys, money and feminine products in their much smaller handbags. Today there is new technology, Techie Diva blog and designer bags that fit a lot more than iPods, cell phones, PSP, and bluetooth headsets. What do you think ladies, is this true?


  1. Jessy 9 August, 2006 at 09:44

    Very much so! My purse is about the size of my bookbag. I carry my cell, iPod, palm, wallet and everything else a girl has in her purse. (Sometimes I even carry my laptop.)

  2. Joan 9 August, 2006 at 00:58

    Hell yeah it’s true. 🙂

    I don’t leave home without my wallet, phone camera and other feminine things like tissues (guys are hopeless) and a swiss army knife (they come in real handy for pesky threads and tightening screws).

    My bag gets real crowded if I decide to throw in my iPod.

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