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Things That Make a Man Cave Special

We all either have a man cave already or are dreaming about one. If you are a male of the species and of sound mind and sound body, there are very very few exceptions to that rule.

So today we’d like to look at some things that really make a man cave stand out among other man-caves. We want you to go into research mode with us to really put some thought into it. People should leave your man cave and be saying to each other “wow, that really was a man cave among man caves”. Ideally, you will have everybody thinking of your man cave as the go-to spot in the neighborhood. A proper man cave, properly set up and taken care of, can even win out vs the neighborhood sports bar, if everything is done properly.

Design And Layout Considerations:

Hopefully your man cave is big enough to do proper seating. One great option is to do bar-style seating with some really nice counter tables and some appropriate chairs to complement them. A lot of restaurants and bars use this format, and it’s for a reason; it works. You want a casual atmosphere that encourages mingling and the like, but you don’t want an environment where everybody is staring at each other.

Think about the scene you are looking to set, and choose the style of lighting to reflect this. If you are looking for a darker, bar style environment, a custom neon sign could be a great solution. Aesthetically pleasing, personalized and also provides an atmospheric glow. If the man cave is to be used as more of a workshop, you may need a more substantial  source of light.  You can still opt for something stylish and personal. Pendant lamps made with your favorite liquor bottle, car part or musical instruments will provide ample lighting and a talking point for your guests.

Incorporating The Tech (And The Judicious Use of It):

You need a good big screen for sports events, of course, and it needs to be in the best possible spot for viewing. This is a given in almost any man cave, unless there are no sports fans present, which is also exceedingly rare. Get good surround sound for the best entertainment experiences all around as well.

However, having mentioned all that, try not to overdo it on the audiovisual angle. Having friends over to the man cave, unless the big game is on or some other earth-shattering event, is all about having great conversations. The best man cave experiences are the ones where the talking back and forth and enjoyment go on for hours and hours and hours, and that is the ultimate thing you are trying to promote in there. That is what will truly make your man cave special.

The Tough Decision On Smoking:

You’re going to have to make a decision on whether you want smoking or not in the man cave. Allowing smoking will make your smoker friends happy, and it may also be a central purpose of the man cave for you, so those are the points in its favor. However, be aware that smoking will make the man cave smell like smoke forever, and there is very little that can be done about this. All that smoke is also not very good for the electronics in there, so make your decision wisely.

I have seen vape and chewing tobacco used to good effect in these situations, for those people who absolutely need their tobacco fix. You definitely don’t want people having to leave the area and come back just to smoke either; that would be annoying and degrade the perfect man cave experience. So this is a thorny issue among men as it stands today. The best advice would be to know your friends and decide based on that.

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Getting Stocked Up:

Knowing how to stock your man cave is also a very personal and regional thing, but a few abiding principles are worth keeping in mind when you go out shopping for provisions for your man cave. You definitely want both drinks and snack foods, and you want the place to be well stocked, but above all, you want the place to be well stocked with quality items. This is definitely not the area to scrimp and save. Having delicious yummy snacks and good quality alcoholic beverages shows your friends that you value their friendship and are willing to put your money where your mouth is. This is very key here. And this is the sort of thing that gets repaid in spades by your friends down the road.

Other Sundry Suggestions:

In ideal circumstances the man cave should also have a wet bar, meaning have its own source of potable water. Water is a key component to responsible drinking, and in general we need that stuff in our bodies all the time. Keep your guests hydrated and everybody will have a much better time in the man cave. And hopefully, your man cave is lucky enough to be equipped with its own adjoining bathroom also. Just as you don’t want your friends to have to go somewhere else to get their nicotine on, it’s equally a drag if they have to go somewhere else just to use the facilities.

We know none of these things are easy; all of them cost money and beyond the money they take thought, knowledge and professionalism to accomplish. But that’s the nature of everything special in this world; if everybody could easily do it it would mean nothing to us. Which brings us to our final point:

Consider Professional Help:

If you want to absolutely get your man cave to the best possible level it can be, consider hiring professionals to help design implement improve or upgrade your man cave. Because ultimately professionals do it better. This is especially true if you have been blessed with a good initial space to start off with, with lots of area, bathroom, good location etc.