Storage in a Small Package

I’m trying to find good ways to keep my backups safe. I have client sites for hosting, design work and my photography that I would like to have backed up. I found a way to do this with a minimal amount of space being taken up on my deskMED Store It 2 5. Also, I tire of using those CD’s and DVD’s for backups. I wanted something more “solid” to carry with me and keep stored away on a whim.

This Portable Hard Drive seems to be the answer to all my worries. Honestly, folks, do you do periodic backups of your data? Would you CRY if you lost your blog or favorite photos to the invisible blog eating monsters? I always tell my clients to backup and there are many times I feel they do not listen. With something small and portable, I think the option would open the minds of those I remind.

With 120 gb of storage space (other sizes are available if needed), a 2.5" case and the convenience of feeling secure, I’m looking into buying this piece of equipment for my collection of gadgets.

Save yourself some time and look into a backup system. I have been fortunate not to lose anything in some time but I also remembered, prior to crashes, to back things up. It was an easier route to reinstate sites and information that would have been lost if I had forgotten or put off this extremely important step.

This company seems to go out of its way to keep your data safe, too. Pexagon offers a laser engraving service so that if your drive is lost, the drive return information on the case will be in their database and your data can be returned to you. I think this costs like $9.99 but the return of the drive is free–and who doesn’t like free services?

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