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Do you often wonder how you will be remembered when you die?  You leave this world and others are left behind to deal with their loss.  If you've lost someone close to you, you probably know this feeling of emptiness that comes along and if you're a writer, sometimes you just need the proper outlet to get those feelings out.

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Silent Hands gives you the opportunity to leave messages to your loved ones now that they can retrieve in the future after your passing.  Upload photos that are your favorites, create videos, add sound bites, write messages and keep a diary for others to view after you leave this world.

Leave your children something or your soul that if this unpredictable life we live changes, you can know that a legacy will follow you.  You assign your account to a keyholder (multiple keyholders can be chosen) and once you pass away, they enter the account and activate your instructions.  You can have periodic emails sent to whomever you choose and set time frames for delivery.

Many options are given on the Silent Hands site and they have a nice demo video that explains the use of the account.  It looks like the account costs a one-time fee of $99 after a trial period of 7 days, but if you visit the site, you can find out exact fees and details. 

I find this site to be a wonderful tool for someone with a terminal illness, especially.  They can leave behind memories that might otherwise be hidden by grief.

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