iPod Flashy Additions

You think you have every accessory for your iPod and they come out with these!  Groovy headphones with wires that illuminate with your music.  Not only do I love gadgets but I love the accessories they bring out to go with them and make things more 'personalized'.

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You can enhance your musical experiences with your lighted beats.  With different settings for the lights to either flash or blink to the beat or give a constant lighted neon flow, you can enjoy the attention you will get while jamming to your favorite music.  You also get a choice of 6 different colors to personalize your experience further.

The iBeat headphones work with all MP3 players, including the iPod, iPod Mini and iPod Shuffle.  Looks like a pretty fun addition to my listening and I'm definitely taking a look at pricing.  Made by Design Annex they run around $29.95 and are slim but I'm unsure how much of a hassle the battery pack would be.

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  1. jbelkin 10 July, 2006 at 21:17

    The battery pack is not bad – maybe a little thicker than a shuffle but not as tall – if you’re wearing pants or a skirt, pretty easy to hide. The cord (light-up portion) from the battery could be a little longer but it is pretty cool. It’s the perfect gift for those hard to buy teens that are not your own – you look cool without going overboard or trying too hard.

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