iPod Video Protection (for the active user)

Need extra protection for your iPod but want to stay stylish?  Look into the TuffWrap 184869161 be65d93ed1 mAccent covers and find what you need.  With a variety of colors to choose from, this adds to your personal tastes and individuality while giving your iPod Video the added protection it needs.

Active lifestyle?  No problem.  Put a TuffWrap Accent around the outside and feel more secure.  Protects the screen and click wheel with optional inserts.  A two-tone silicone case with ribbed sides protects and offers added grip.  Helpful to place in the dash of your car or on surfaces--with no worry of slipping.

Take a look while visiting XtremeMac's site.  At a price you can afford, $29.95, this item will certainly be worth it.

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