I'm married to a carpenter

Ok, so I'm married to a carpenter and what types of gadgets impress me the most?  Wooden ones.  I have seen the wooden mouse, the wooden computer mod., the wooden car/boat and many other ideas. 177505193 1aa478f2fa m What I haven't seen yet is this wooden LED clock!

I got so excited over this as a gift idea that I forgot all the details for a moment.  ThinkGeek is offering the LED clock where the time glows from inside.  I'm amazed.  Small things might thrill me but a working clock like this is just plain functional.

Not only is it a clock but it has features.  With a normal display, blinkie display or a slide display option, you will have hours of fun with this block of wood. 

With a three button interface to program your clock, AC adapter (120V) and instructions, you can't go wrong.  I live in a log cabin home so this will fit right in...so well, it might be lost!

Visit here for product information and purchase.

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  1. Veronica (BornRich) 30 June, 2006 at 23:33

    This Wooden LED Clock will complement any decor and when switched off it looks like a simple piece of wood.

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