Do you Believe in Magic ?

IFO 3000

Add a little bit of magic to your desktop @ work or at home with the Floating Ideas IFO 3000 Magnetic Display Unit. It is a beautifully styled levitation ornament, which uses a magnetic field to suspend small metallic objects, and if you give your object a little push, the IFO 3000 detects the rotation and will keep the object spinning (in whichever direction of your push) as it starts to slow to a stop, keeping it continuously in motion.

The device also comes with a spacer training aid, (a wooden block) that helps you position objects within the magnetic field.

The IFO 3000 which costs about $127 (with globe included), comes with a photo frame accessory for an additional $25.

Other accessories include a clock, mood light, & a mini cooper (in your choice of blue, red, yellow gray). The mini cooper however, uses a different stand device from the other accessories.

Find out more about the IFO 3000 @ GadgetShop


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