Juice on the Go


One device to power them all, that’s the idea behind the Tekkeon myPower ALL, a one stop battery device capable of providing extended power to all your mobile devices, without the need to lug around spare batteries for your cell phone, PDA, laptop, digital media player and other portable consumer products.

How does it do it? The myPower ALL connects through a plethora of adapter attachments, that enable the device to be used with almost any device, the product list is endless. 

The myPower ALL always selects the right voltage for your product, by automatically resetting itself  to the lowest setting whenever a new device is attached. You never have to worry about overcharging your device,

The device comes in two models, the MP3300 (14v) and the MP3400 (19V with an increased capacity of 40%) with price tags of $120 and $160 and a $3 to $5 range for adapters.


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