Ever Ready

176240755_a8fa373504_m Always known for being on the ball when it comes to incorporating the newest technology in their products, Sony has made some hot upgrades to their just released Ultra Mobile PC form factor in the form of the UX90.  The Sony UX was already an impressive number @ just 1.15 lbs, featuring a 4.5" 1024 x 600 glossy TFT touch screen, a 1.3 mega-pixel camera for moblogging or videoconferencing and 802.1g wireless, Bluetooth & Cingular's Edge network for connectivity.

To add to the accolades Sony has replaced the 30GB HD with a 16GB solid state flash drive, which although a step down in capacity will translate into faster boot times and application loading, also enabling better resume times from hibernation, and most impressively increasing battery life by 13%.

Not only does the upgrade mean the UX is now a little on the lighter side (1.08 lbs), but it also means that the drive is completely silent.

In addition, Sony has added the OneSeg mobile digital television to the product, which is slated to be released on the 3rd of July in Japan.


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