Hello Kitty makes her mark on a toaster

Hello Kitty is at it again, and this time round she has managed to talk Twinbird executives into including her all conquering face onto their shiny new toaster. What makes this toaster all the more unique is this - apart from plugging herself shamelessly on the toaster's exterior, clad in her signature white and pink colors, you will also be able to munch on toasted bread that has Hello Kitty imprinted on them. I suppose this is but one way to get kids to eat their breakfast when they don't feel up to the task, but on the other hand it is a pretty interesting way of exacting your revenge by biting her head off - every single time you make yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Would you be willing to part with $55 for this toaster? It is currently available in Japan, with no word on whether it will make it anywhere else or not.

Product Page via Gizmodiva

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