Scratches on your Gadgets?

175096856 91e3a012e8 mDo you own some of the trendiest gadgets on the market?  If you do, most of them are mobile and you carry them around in your purse, backpack or pockets.  This creates those little surface scratches that make your gadget look "not so new".  I found something today that might help.

In comes Ice Creme & Ice Creme M.  Two products that allow you to remove those scuffs and scratches from your cute gadgets.  Products like the iPod, iBooks, PDAs and your favorite cell phone.  The Ice Creme claims to restore damaged plastic and plated metal products and make them look new again.  This 175096914 beffc61d80 mis useful if you're trying to sell off used gear as well.

The regular Ice Creme is for lightly damaged bright metal while the Ice Creme M version includes a special metal refinishing pad that will work to restore more severely damaged surfaces (similar to the iPod's back panel that's plated metal).

Perfect for the following:

  • iPod, U2, nano, shuffle, mini (screen only), iBook (white), iMac & eMac
  • PDA/Gaming Systems
  • Cell Phones
  • Automotive - instrument windows, head and tail lamp lenses, convertible top windows
  • CD, DVD, Digicam Displays, POS terminal displays

Much more is listed.  Take a look at this site and get your gadgets to shine again!

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