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3 Ways to Use Instagram to Build your Wellness Brand

Brands with a focus on wellbeing and a healthier lifestyle are popular on social media for a reason: people want to learn from those who made it and strive to live like them.

When creating your own wellness brand, it's important to deliver great content every day (or every other day, depending on your content strategy). Instagram business accounts make it easy for users to target and distribute their content thanks to accessible analytic data and a bunch of new features, like IGTV, for example.

In this article, we'll offer tips on how to create content based on your audience, how to establish trust, and how to engage your followers to build your wellness brand.

Post Inspirational Quotes Often

Regardless of the products you work with, inspirational quotes will always be welcome on your feed. People love them because they're memorable and motivating.

When choosing motivational quotes to weave into your content, go for famous quotes and great minds. You see quotes from the likes of Maya Angelou, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Oscar Wilde everywhere because these wise people knew what they were saying—and most of the time, we'll agree with whatever that is.

Don't just drop any quote in there, though. For instance, if you own a beauty brand, try using quotes from renowned beauty devotee, Audrey Hepburn. If you sell essential oils, search for quotes on natural healing. Just don't forget to double-check if the quote comes from a trusted source.

Use IGTV to Document Your Day or Trips

Before IGTV was a thing, people used to post a lot of stories talking about a specific topic, which sometimes people didn't watch until the end.

With IGTV, there's basically a YouTube on Instagram. Users can post videos that last up to an hour, and that's a great way to engage with and gain more followers. But what are you going to be filming to promote your wellness brand? Here are a few ideas.

  • Visiting a new city or country? Document your journey! If your niche combines traveling with wellness, this might be a great opportunity to influence users.
  • If you're going hiking or participating in bodyboarding lessons, ask for permission to film one of the private lessons. This is interesting to promote activewear brands or wellness supplements, for example.
  • Film your morning routine. Vlog your day. This is useful to promote makeup and skincare brands.

Film or Post Honest Product Reviews

Nothing screams "honesty" more than a brand owner who uses and trusts their product. Not to mention, showing who's behind the brand is engaging and establishes trust.

It's often necessary to come clean about products that are considered "new" and "unusual." An example would be CBD oils—many people need to see trusted reviews from Bloom and Oil and similar sites to be convinced that they're safe to use. If you, as a CBD brand owner, use it yourself have all the facts straight, that's even better.

Whether you choose to post your reviews on Instagram stories, your feed, or IGTV, it's up to you. Just make sure you talk about what you're selling with confidence and use them on yourself, if possible. A few examples:]

  • Cruelty-free makeup brands: record makeup tutorials and post product swatches.
  • CBD products: create content around the several health benefits of CBD and how it's free from THC.
  • Essential oils: talk about the different types of oils and their health-related uses.
  • Clothing brands: Focus your content on your brand's differential. Is it eco-friendly? Inclusive? Also, post pictures wearing it!

As a final note, it’s essential to build a “net” of followers who trust you and what you sell, so they’ll feel more comfortable buying from you. Today, there’s no better way of doing this than creating interesting content for your brand and following these steps is a great way to get results on your Instagram. Ultimately, by posting informative, entertaining, and engaging content, your Instagram profile can go from strength to strength.