OHSO Travel Toothbrush

146266319 f66bb8deca mA refillable, self-dispensing toothbrush for travelers or people on the go.  This fancy model has a watertight cap that you remove, turn the handle clockwise and the toothpaste is dispensed for your use.  Brush on the go and when you run out of toothpaste, simply take the end off, screw a toothpaste dispenser on the end, turn the handle counter-clockwise and it will bring the paste into the storage area for future use.  A handy window will display how much toothpaste is in the chamber so that you know when to refill.  OHSO should last you about a week with one fill-up.

Comes with a universal adaptor so that if your favorite toothpaste doesn't fit the nozzle, you can add that and easily use your chosen brand.  You can also use the watertight cap as a rinsing cup.

When you're done, replace the cap and count on it not leaking during travel.  Do you have go?

For men, there's the OHSO Marko and for women a more feminine version, the OHSO Divo.  I think they're CUTE and functional!

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