Ending iPhone Madness?

I don't think the Openmoko phone will end the madness that surrounds the new iPhone but I do feel it might soften the blow for some of us that weren't able to get our hands on one just yet.  The Openmoko idea is to make a more affordable phone with an open source platform to allow you more freedom.

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This phone is called Neo 1973 and will come with the handset, a couple of batteries, a stylus, headset, AC charger, phone pouch and lanyard.  You will also get a debug board and tools to open it up, this will give you the opportunity to program your own stuff into the phone and have some fun.

Along with all the above mentioned items, you also will get two 512MB microSD memory cards from SanDisk, two miniUSB cables, a USB Host Mode cable, debug board, debug flex cable, rugged toolbox with shoulder strap, screwdriver and a guitar pick that will allow you to pry the case open.

The planned ship date is July 9th.  There will be an Advanced model for $450 and a Base model for around $300.

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