16GB, Wallet Sized

You knew this was coming and I've waited a long time for it.  A 16GB card that fits in your wallet.  The size of a credit card, this one will be USB compatible and is only 3mm thick.  Planned to be released in Korea first.

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Connects to PCs or Macs and will boast 16GB of storage.  This card will require no external power to use, will store any type of data and will function like most any USB 2.0 compatible device.

This will increase your storage when using laptops and I can see it expanding to be used with cellphones for extra storage.  They've made MP3 players smaller and smaller with larger capacity so this is just the next step to nanotechnology.  I wonder what price will be put on this handy device.

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  1. Avitable 15 May, 2006 at 05:29

    You can buy a whole stack of them, put them in your wallet, and walk around telling someone “I’ve got a terabyte in my pants!”

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