How to Lose of A Guy In 20 seconds

Shoe Maybe Kate Hudson couldn't lose the guy in 10 days--I mean, who can resist Mathew McConaughey--but for exteme situations, just break glass.  This Electric Cinderella glass slipper won't get you the prince charming, it will get rid of him, and I guarantee you it will be in less than 20 seconds. The shoes secret weapon is a stun gun that delivers up to 100,000 volts and can only be used once by smashing the glass tip. It works in conjuction with a matching necklace or earring that activates the stun gun, and even glows to warn off attackers. Simon Brusa Pasque developed the shoe as project of a thesis, and hopes to make wearers feel safe and trendy. [Shiny Shiny]


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