Inflatable Breast Dress

Inflatablebreast_2 Pink is causing a commotion (and a few laughs) with her "Stupid Girls" video where you see her acting like a ditz, and even inflating her shirt to attract attention to her breasts. Guess life in LA is just that competitive!  Well NYU student Doria Fan took that idea a step further and created the "Inflatable Breast Dress" for a student thesis, I suppose. More details after the jump....

In her own words:   

"With this inflatable breasts dress, instead of sucking on the nipple, you need to blow into it, to give it life. Breasts are sometimes to referred to as “flotation devices” or described as "pneumatic". The dress is made of fashioned and reshaped flotation devices that have to be filled with air. Breast have also been referred to as “headlights”. For the next iterations of the dress I would like to make the breasts into headlights – by backlighting the vinyl breasts, so they have an ambient glow. One wearer said the dress was very comfortable and also gave her a different sense of personal space. With large inflated breasts, she felt like she had a protective zone."

Via We Make Money Not Art

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  1. Jim Butler 15 May, 2006 at 15:00

    Ladies and tranny Gentlemen, in the event of a crash, your breasts can be used as a
    flotation device.

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