Pandora: Free Customizable Streaming Radio Station

Not very adventurous but looking to discover new music? Or perhaps you’ve found yourself away from your collection and need a quick fix.  Try Pandora’s free online service based on the Music Genome Project, a system that uses over 400 attributes to categorize a catalogue of over 300,000 songs based on qualities such as instrumentation, key, lyrics, and rhythm. No registration required, just follow the prompts to enter a song or artist and be listening in 30 seconds to songs by over 10,000 major and underground artists. Find something you like? Give the song thumbs up to hear more like it (and visit the requisite links to iTunes and Amazon to buy it, if that’s the way you roll). Or if you think what you’re hearing is rubbish, give the song a thumbs down to never hear it again. Careful with your veto, though…due to licensing agreements you can only skip a few songs per hour. If you bounce over The Spice Girls and Ace of Base and get stuck with Prince, don’t say I didn’t warn you.   Link

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  1. Jennie 19 April, 2006 at 12:44

    Here’s a quick tip for skipping songs you don’t like (beyond the alotted number per hour). Create more than one station. Just go to one of the other stations if you don’t like the song.

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