Manage Saved Webpages through Email

This probably won’t work for everyone, but it happens to go great with my browsing style of just leaving tabs open for pages that I want to read at some point but don’t currently have time. Everyone who gawks at the 50+ microscopic icons on my tab bar asks why I don’t just bookmark them, but for some reason I’m opposed to bookmarking all but the sites I know I will visit frequently but have a long or hard to remember URL. Toread sends pages to your inbox to be read at your convenience or be organized into folders. Sounds like a nice compliment to Thunderbird’s Forumzilla extension that I’m already using to manage over 300 RSS news items a day. Using the service is as simple as adding the customized link they send you after registering to a bookmark, then click that bookmark while viewing the page you’d like emailed. Toread is currently in beta and was a little lot on the slow side sending the confirmation email, but I got my test page within 60 seconds. Should be fine for the most part, but I wouldn’t advise using it for anything mission-critical just yet. Link  [DownloadSquad]

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