Sega Hasbro A.M.P. Robot

Sega Hasbro has a new robot for all and sundry to admire - the A.M.P., also known as Automated Music Personality. This cool robot is not only able to groove (as best as it can anyways) to your tunes, but is also able to muster a voice and sing along to your song as well. There is an outlet on the back where you can dock your iPod or another compatible MP3 player to get things rockin'. Standing 73cm tall, this A.M.P. is dark black in color and has LEDs on its head which flash red in color. The A.M.P. idea is not new as it has been done by the Miuro and Rolly from Sony before, but this one takes on a somewhat humanoid form factor. This will be one expensive Christmas present for 2008 though, as the A.M.P. robot will hit the US this November for $745.

Source: Gizmodiva

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